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Z for Zombie Ch 3
Chapter 3
    After a relatively smooth-going trip to the outskirts of the small town, Shane and Cruze (now confirmed brothers) lead Charlie to a small caravan with a group of almost ordinary looking people… of course, now, ordinary included large guns and your life packed into a suit case that you could throw over your shoulder. The brothers had been kind enough to stop and help Charlie retrieve her own duffle bag of life where she had stashed it before her journey through town ended with how this story began.
    The caravan was made up of thirteen people, including Shane and Cruze.
    Mrs. Miriam Carter: She is actually Shane’s and Cruze’s stepmom, and a surprisingly strong woman for how delicate she appears, and not to mention, very protective of Shane and Cruze, and her two young daughters Jen and Katy.  Unfortunately, their dad did not make it to the caravan; he was called to
:iconnoxsatukeir:NoxSatuKeir 8 19
John Barrowman :iconnoxsatukeir:NoxSatuKeir 42 50
For You, My Queen
For You, My Queen
“Don’t you dare believe that I would pardon you for this sin!” Hollered the High Ruler.  “You evil witch! You have betrayed my trust and slain my king!”
“You’ve only yourself to blame! You knew I vehemently opposed his beliefs—that fool of a man. You’ve known how much I’ve despised him. Yet all this time, you’ve kept me so close, closer even than him, your own husband and king. And you’ve always regarded my advice like word from the Gods!” A lady with frightfully dark eyes and a split tongue spat back at the High Ruler. “He had too much power. Power that is rightfully yours, My Queen. He would have destroyed this country!”
“That was not your call to make, Veda!” Screamed the High Ruler.
“Do not call me by my first name, you traitor!”
“Ranee! It is my call to make.” Veda stared her queen in the eyes. Queen R
:iconnoxsatukeir:NoxSatuKeir 17 13
Steampunk Harley Quinn WIP In Color :iconnoxsatukeir:NoxSatuKeir 23 34 Steampunk Harley Quinn WIP :iconnoxsatukeir:NoxSatuKeir 13 25
Z for Zombie Ch 2
Chapter 2
    He stood there in worn blue jeans held up by a tough brown leather belt, slightly hidden beneath a tight fitting black tee. That shirt did nothing to hide his toned abs and broad shoulders. His face was contrastingly soft and graceful compared to the blood-splattered surroundings and his tensed and alert expression. However, he couldn’t hold Charlie’s attention for long, especially when hunger-stricken rage of that madman’s head—expression still held for a few moments after decapitation—kept blinking and squinting at her.
    Oh Shit! There’sabodilessheadinmylap!! Reflexively and repulsively, Charlie tossed the head up and out of her lap. Her rescuer easily side-stepped while sheathing the machete, and a man with strikingly similar features caught it. He held it in his hands for a moment as its expression faded with death, almost scrutinizing it. Then, as if he just registered what he was h
:iconnoxsatukeir:NoxSatuKeir 17 14
Z for Zombie Ch 1
Chapter 1
    The sun was bright overhead, the sky a clear blue with a few clouds floating merrily in the soft breeze. They day echoed springtime with bunnies and ducklings and pretty flowers. Not that anyone ever took notice of these things anymore. Charlie hardly glanced at the day’s serenity as she raced across the downtown streets; her feet slamming against the asphalt in time with the pounding of her heart. Her lungs ached as she gulped in each breath and then clamped her mouth shut in attempts not to scream out through pain and fear.
    Charlie had to stop. Her side was splitting, her lungs were raw, and she was too close to tears to keep up the pace. She quickly rounded a corner and side-stepped into the closest building. The glass crackled under her feet as she tiptoed through a smashed front window. The building must have been a gym at some point: there were old treadmills, cycling machines, and weights set up in almo
:iconnoxsatukeir:NoxSatuKeir 19 13
The Vampires' Secret Ch 3 Pt 1
The Vampires’ Secret
Chapter 3 Part 1
**Aidens Point Of View**
            “It has always been the destiny of a vampire to Descend into the darkness, to give up on humanity, and to embrace the shadows and feed on the light. That’s why, when a vampire Descends, it becomes so much stronger. Do you understand, Aiden?” I hesitantly nodded my head yes. I wouldn’t dare oppose this woman. She smiled at me. I don’t think she ever meant her smiles to be sadistic or menacing, but her fangs would glint in the dark room and the glow of a predator’s sharp eyes would make me cower; afraid to defy her even in my thoughts. “Of course, like any power, it has its disadvantages. No more sunlight—only night. No more tears—you never cry. And no more human friends!!” I flinched and took an involuntary step b
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Um. Yes. I did have to look up how to spell onomatopoeia because I forgot how. I'm sure I will forget how again. Pretty damn soon too. It's not that much of a surprise.

Anyway, I have found that I am actually very productive when I find that I cannot sleep. Most of the time, I'll just try to lie in bed and force myself to sleep, mostly because I'll have important things to do the next day and being tired isn't really an option. However, on rare occasions when I cannot sleep on a weekend night and decide NOT to just lie in bed and force myself to sleep, I get REALLY productive. I was tired at about 10 last night (I know that's early, but I'll get to why later) and everybody was going to bed... It is now 6.30 in the morning and I have successfully finished and submitted all my homework, scrubbed my converse to brand-new-ish (just gotta let them dry), and brushed the hell out of my dog because she is shedding at a rate of 47 dust bunnies per minute... and now I'm actually making a journal post! Wow. That last one is amazing, isn't guys? Especially since probably half of you thought I was dead (with exception to my mando sketch up).
I'm kinda hungry right now. But the house is too quiet to make food and there isn't anything good that I can just pick up and bring to my room or anything... Sucks. I really want food. There's pizza in the fridge too! But I don't like eating cold pizza (DON'T HATE ME!!). I like to put it in the toaster so it doesn't get all soft (or if too long, hard as a rock) and has that nice crisp to it.


So I was hired on in contractor position through TEKsystems to work for WHOLE FOODS MARKET as a web developer working on the main site! I absolutely LOVE my job. The work environment is beautiful, friendly, and welcoming, the people are outstandingly awesome, and the work I'm doing is satisfying.

In other news, I'm going to Comicpalooza in Houston this May! That's going to be an exciting Convention. Boyfriend and I are going to be rooming with peoples of awesomeness as well. Hopefully, I'll be able to add more to my new Steampunk soon as well. Maybe I'll start posting pictures of it as soon as I'm happy enough with it. Otherwise, it feels way too incomplete at the moment. In news of cosplay and conventions, we just had an "armor party" at those peoples of awesomeness' house and made some cool pulls of mando helmets. I've also decided I need to work on sculpting a helmet for a Silence (Doctor Who) cosplay. I will stand in corners and bump into people and be weird and be the Awkward Silence. (And I may be making a mold of the Silence helmet if it turns out well enough. I'll update ya'll later on that.)
I think that's about it for now. So I may drop off the face of the Earth again. Sorry in advance. There's a lot of stuff to do.
  • Listening to: The Sound Of Everyone In The House Being Asleep
  • Reading: How-Tos on Helmet Building
  • Watching: My Life Pass Me By...
  • Playing: The "OMG I'm Failing Classes & Mom's Pissed" Game
  • Eating: Nothing. I'm hungry. Bring me food.
  • Drinking: Nothing. I want a milkshake.

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